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The Blue Dogs Jazz Band

Dreamed of serving the communiaty, I found "The Blue Dogs" jazz band. The band is actively performed in many events.

The band earned the "Award of Excellence Performance" in 2019 Children's Spring Festival. With this hornor, the band was invited to perform tn the event closing ceremony in May 2019. See the outstanding performance of the band!

Three of our skilled players take on solo improvisations, and the clarinetist and the saxophonist end off the show with a "musical conversation". The band performed alongside Cirque de Solei and various other groups in this performance for charity. The funding gathered from this performance event and the sponsors went towards UNICEF and the Canadian Youth Funding Association.

YouTube channel of the Blue Dogs band:

The Blue Dogs is a non-profit teen band. If you are interested to invite us for a performance, please feel free to contact me via email.

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