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SHAD 2019 at University of New Brunswick

The summer of my grade 11 year, I waved goodbye to my parents and boarded flight WS3404 to Fredericton, New Brunswick. The moment I stepped off the plane onto the cracked concrete runway, I was greeted by an unending possibilities and possibly the smallest airport in the world.

Officially, SHAD is a month-long summer program which runs at various universities across Canada. During this month, the SHADs gain many valuable opportunities to discover, innovate, and form friendships with the other talented teens at their location.

It is SHAD tradition to host a entrepreneurship competition at the end of every program year. My SHAD community was split into eight equal groups. Each of the eight groups was tasked with fighting climate change and pollution with an innovative startup company.

The problem my team chose to tackle was impactfully reducing waste in society through breaking the stigma around menstruation and reinventing feminine hygiene products. With our product Ruby by RED, a reusable tampon applicator, my group reduces waste, improves comfort, lowers costs, and also provides discreteness and confidence by working with potential users.

Through perseverance and teamwork, the group overcame numerous challenges and won first place in the final competition.

My SHAD trip tickets.

Self introduction in my SHAD application.

I miss you guys!

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