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My Architecture & Product Portfolio

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Art is my lifelong companion. Connecting art and engineering through product and structural design to make a difference is nothing but rewarding for me. Behind these projects and artworks are years of dedication. Studying under famous professional artist Professor Xu Zhou since the age of 10, I spent endless hours pushing past my limits in sketching and painting. Abstract pieces, digital animations, and 3D Modeling also recently fell into my realm of knowledge. My works have been donated and sold at auctions to raise funds for many organizations such as UNICEF. I have also received awards from both my art and my leadership, and I only plan to go further.

This portfolio consists of three projects, all interconnected through one purpose to serve communities far and near. The first, Vertical Partying, was inspired by my family’s small house and my overcrowded birthday parties during elementary school. With this contraption, families limited by financial challenges can host and partake in different activities. This innovation is also fit for seniors or other special-needs populations. This innovation will change the way homes function for all people.

We take things for granted. The second project, Underground Melody, aims to reconnect our daily lives to nature and encourage the population to appreciate what they have and give back to their communities. In this treatment plant, the flow of wastewater is channeled to create melodious music to be enjoyed in the wetland part above. The goal is to encourage the occupants to learn about and appreciate the importance of water and nature. The design of the park resembles cracked ground from drought or rehydration which represents the importance of water treatment, evoking powerful emotions, powerful connections, and reflection on the past and the future.

The final project was introduced to the world by my SHAD team at the University of New Brunswick. The product, Ruby by Red, is a reusable tampon applicator which improves upon the accessibility, discreetness, safety, hygiene, and convenience of the traditional tampon while saving the environment. Working with potential customers, the team worked cohesively to bring a revolutionary product and a sustainable company. After the summer program was over, I continued to research and improve upon the product and packaging solution to bring it closer to reality.

My oil painting

Oil Painting on Canvas "Girl in Sunshine" 16 x 24 in (2015)

perfectly matches with the product theme on the product package.

A few selected artworks are also presented in the portfolio. I utilize art as a creative outlet and as a universal language to communicate. I have traveled to Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa to gather inspiration, appreciate cultural art, and exchange ideas. Not only have my journeys taught me many invaluable skills and broad artistic knowledge, but it has also instilled in me a mandate to serve and innovate.

Download my architecture portfolio here.

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