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Jan. 03, 2019: After a discussion with regional councillors Ray Chisholm and Cathy Duddeck about "Cannabis legalization in Oakville," as the student representative of Appleby College.



Organized annual youth performing festival and regular performing events; evaluated and scheduled programs; arranged rehearsals, and ultimately served the 40+ performing groups and 200+ youth in total to display their talents and skills as well as learn fundamental skills from leadership to stage performance.

  • Program Coordinator and Associate Director of “2020 Children’s Spring Festival” event, G12.

Built connections to arts schools and local performers in West Toronto; organized the program selection procedures; recommended 16 out-performing programs to the director board as final program candidates, and will help with directing the event in January 2020.

  • Founder and Managing Director of “The Blue Dogs” band, G10-G12.

Recruited band members; designed and maintained the website and YouTube channel; arranged band schedules; communicated with event organizers to obtain performance opportunities; ran the routine rehearsals and performances; led the band in performing at multiple events with 1,000+ audience members.

  • Co-founder and North American Director of “International ETClub” to tutor English and TOEFL exams, G10- G12.

Designed the training sessions; published introduction articles; led news and novel reading sessions, and tutored non-native students to prepare for English exams.

  • Prominent Leader at “Youth Toastmasters Oakville”, G10- G12.

Organized the weekly Toastmaster public speaking sessions; promoted the club in various communities; collected themes for sessions, and arranged regular meetings to improve the effectiveness of the club.

  • West Toronto Director of the 4th/5th/6th international postcard design competition, G9-G11.

Built connections with 20+ schools in the west of GTA; assigned and managed the volunteers to distribute and collect postcards, and coordinated with the international director board to hold the competition.

  • Founder and President of “Interactive Spoken English Club” in Beijing, China, Summer G9.

Founded the club for students, adults and English teachers; designed courseware; promoted the club to local communities; coached students and teachers, and held routine sessions.

  • Engineering and Architecture Design, G9-G12.

Designed engineering devices and architectural prototypes to improve the environment and social life quality; have built an architecture portfolio which includes the relevant project on which I worked since G9.

  • Professional Artist on Oil Painting, G9-G12.

Professional artist; learned sketch and oil painting with world-famous artists since 10 years old; earned rewards on designing and drawing, and have had artworks sold. One artwork is currently in the exhibition of “The 4th Annual Cityscapes Art Exhibition” in Palm Springs, California, USA; a set of my artwork postcards is published and on sale.

  • Member of Burlington Teen Tour Band (also, The City of Burlington) of 72-Year History, G9-G12.

Gave regular performances in public parades in Canada and the US, such as Toronto Santa-Claus Parade, Remembrance Day parade and the California Rose Parade.


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