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I started learning professional sketching and oil painting with famous artist Prof. Xu Zhou at the age of 10. As time passes, I continue to realize that artwork becomes alive only when it carries meaning. A piece of artwork with emotion outshines those without. My favourite painting “The Starry Night,” by the post-impressionist Vincent van Gogh, gives a sense of the isolation and insanity that van Gogh suffered; behind the exaggerated yellow and blue colours we see that, despite struggling in his personal life, van Gogh exhibits an elegant soul and mercy towards the world.

Environmentalism and humanism are eternal themes of art creation for me. I also combine music into my artwork to interpret nature’s lovely landscapes painting with rhythms. In fact, the rhythm of music led me to the creation of abstract paintings.

My artwork "StyleGroup7" (Acrylic on Canvas) is currently in the exhibition of “The 4th Annual Cityscapes Art Exhibition (link)” in Palm Springs, California, USA.

A few of my oil paintings and postcards are currently on sale (link) to support the Toronto SickKids Foundation and The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) All revenue will be donated to charity to contribute towards a brighter future for the people of today and the generations of tomorrow. I will send you the official donation receipt for the tax reporting purpose.

Below are some of my artworks (scroll right to discover more...).

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