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Ryan Xuran Tian

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Hello and welcome to my website! 


I am excited to share with you my story, achievements, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. 


I am a self-motivated student with outstanding leadership skills, which I have used to make a positive difference in my community, both in and outside school. 


I arrived in Canada as a young boy, not speaking any English, and I learned first-hand some of the challenges involved in the process of adjusting to a new culture and learning a new language. When I became a 9th grader at Appleby College, I founded an interactive English club for students, adults and English teachers who are non-native speakers, offering a community in which all of us can get support and guidance. The club has been a great success and is still quite active 3 years later. This experience inspired me to keep delegating myself to my various communities and give back to society. Since then, I have founded or co-founded several clubs and an interscholar jazz music band.


My interests are wide and quite varied, in many fields, such as robotics, art, music, design and engineering. Inspired by my love of jazz, I founded and am current managing director of The Blue Dogs” band, composed of students around GTA, since 2018. The band has performed in some major festivals of thousands of audiences. Combining my love of music with my personal interest in public welfare and charity work, I have led our band to hold regular non-profit performances for local neighbourhoods, nearby communities, churches and charity events. 


As a musician and artist, I delight in the symmetry of classical arts in music, mirrored also in the symmetry in oil and acrylic paintings. I enjoy my artwork tremendously, and I have completed many pieces (link). I have donated many of my own artworks to support valued causes, like The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), local seniors’ homes, schools, and libraries. 


Lastly, as a diligent and aspiring student, I was also the captain of Appleby’s Vex-Robotics team and the president of the club, the West GTA director of the 4th/5th/6th international youth hand-writing and hand-painting postcard competition (selected samples), and the co-founder and North American director of “International ETClub,” which provides English tutoring for students as they prepare for the TOEFL or other important language exams. Most recently, I led a team in the project RED, and we achieved the first award in the New Brunswick campus of Canadian National SHAD Valley 2019.

The Blue Dogs will perform at the John W. H. Bassett Theatre

(Downtown Toronto) 

Jan.18, 2020 2:00PM

The Blue Dogs will perform at the Premiere Ballroom & Convention Centre

(Richmond Hill, Ontario) 

Dec.14, 2019 8:00PM


The program election (Stage 2) for "The Children's Spring Festival Gala" will be held at 

4675 Steeles Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1V 4S4

Nov.16, 2019 1:00PM

The program election (Stage 1) for "The Children's Spring Festival Gala" will be held at 

3760 14th Ave., Markham, ON

L3R 3T7

Nov.09, 2019 10:00AM

Registration open for  

"The Youth Business Proposal Competition"

at 3760 14th Ave., Markham, ON

L3R 3T7

Oct.06, 2019 9:00AM-16:00PM

The Blue Dogs will perform at the John Guest Building

(Appleby College) 

Oct.29, 2019 7PM 7PM


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